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NEW CORTINA ski goggles were created with input from elite skiers and raise the bar for lens innovation.

Lens technology has a 22% greater field of vision and bring visibility to an entirely new level.

This goggle ensures maximal vertical and peripheral vision for your maximum performance on the mountain, where you will see better than ever before.

With superior anti-fog treatment, triple layer memory foam, quick and easy lens and strap changing system, we have set a new standard what goggle can accomplish.

Chromavision+ photochromic lens automatically change tint depending on the light conditions, darkening in bright light and clearing up in flat or low light conditions.

One pair of goggles to conquer any condition.

From high mountain sun, to deep fog. When light changes, lens adapt.

Great versatility and ability to provide excellent clarity through the day and across weather conditions. You always have the perfect tint for the amount of light.

  • A maximized field of view due to the innovative frame construction
  • Anti-fog treatment
  • Anti-scratch treatment
  • 100% UV protection
  • Quick and simple lens and strap changing system
  • Flexible TPU frame for perfect fit
  • Triple layer memory foam for ultimate comfort
  • Air flow ventilation system


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